The Guide to Great Ocean Road


great ocean road guide
There are plenty of guides out there and a whole website dedicated to the Great Ocean Road travel, and I know some of y'all are like, "what else did you do besides checking out the Twelve Apostles!?" Most people usually take a day trip but we decided to take it slow and stayed on the Great Ocean Road for 3 nights before making our way north to the Grampians. So it's really a road trip, guys!


fishos torquay
Fisho's Torquay

We gave Geelong a pass and drove straight to Torquay for our first stop. Fisho's Torquay is a quaint little fish and chips restaurant that was really raved about on the internet so we gave it a shot. You get to choose from a menu of fresh catch and how you like it to be done (fried or grilled) and of course, i got it with a pint as well. Verdict? It wasn't super great and I actually had better fish and chips the next day at Warrnambool.

erskine falls  erskine falls
erskine falls
Erskine Falls

We took a walk around Torquay and we headed to Erskine Falls after. I think it's my first natural waterfall ever! There's a viewing area for tourists but if you want to, you can climb through all the rocks to get super close.

bells beach great ocean road
Bells Beach

We drove down south, stopped by Apollo Bay to get some groceries and had dinner at Casalingo, a really popular Italian restaurant. I recommend making reservations, we got really lucky! I would have stayed the night at Apollo Bay, but we decided against it and stayed on Peterborough instead.


great ocean road guide
great ocean road guide  great ocean road guide
great ocean road bay of islands
great ocean road bay of islands
great ocean road twelve apostles
Some favourite photos from our route - Gibson Steps, Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge, The Grotto, Bay of Martyrs, Worm Bay, Bay of Islands.

Day two was pretty much the highlight of the road trip! We visited all the touristy spots, and I really mean ALL. Everything marked as a photo spot, we stopped and took photos. To be honest, I was browsing through the photos again and I couldn't really tell each spot apart LOL But if you have the luxury of time, do visit every single one because photos doesn't do them justice. You got to experience the feeling of the breeze in your hair, the sound of waves crashing against the rock formations and the endless horizon for yourself.

12 rocks beach bar cafe  timboon fine ice cream
We had lunch at 12 Rocks Beach Bar Cafe, one of the few restaurants around. Then we grabbed some ice cream at Timboon Fine Ice Cream. I'm not sure if it's just me or I miss Asian food but everything so far tasted average to me and nothing really fantastic but they were rated >4 stars on Tripadvisor and Zomato. Food choices were quite limited so we did groceries, bought some steaks and cooked dinner at our place instead.


great ocean road
Warrnambool is my favourite spot along the Great Ocean Road! It's so underrated and not touristy at all. Probably because most people don't get this far on the Great Ocean Road but it's really worth the drive up. We stopped by Logans Beach Whale Watching Platform, hoping we'd get lucky but nah. If you're interested, you can search for their Facebook page for updates.

pavilion cafe & bar  pavilion cafe & bar
Had lunch at Pavilion Cafe & Bar and my gosh, the food and view was A+. We braved the cold and chose to sit outside so we'd get a view of the waters and I had one of the best fish and chips ever. Andrew ordered ravioli which was really good too. I highly recommend this place.

And with that, we concluded our road trip on the Great Ocean Road.

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