Gracieux Co.


gracieux co earringsAccessories are one of those little things that really completes your outfit. And i'm always on the hunt for affordable accessories so i'm really excited about Gracieux Co's launch because their style is right up my alley. 

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gracieux co earringsGracieux Co just dropped a new collection - The Wood Series a few days ago and gosh, i'm obsessed! If you're following me on Instagram, you'll notice that i have been all over my impractical bags which features bamboo/ wood so this pair of Semi Wood Earrings is all i'm wearing these few days. They go so well together. Do check out the Nelia Wood Earrings - the chain tassels, asymmetrical details and wood grain - everything i love! 

gracieux co earrings
Speaking of tassels and asymmetry, the Kayle Tassel Earrings are so adorable! Forget matching pairs, it's so much more fun wearing these. On top of tassels, it has a bar and a little pearl on one side and circle on the other. 

Here's a perk, enjoy 10% off when you quote <FIONA10> at checkout! 

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