Roadtrip to Margaret River, Perth — Travel Visual Diary


margaret river
Take a long drive towards Margaret River when you're in Perth. It's a 3-hour drive from Perth City (thank God I wasn't the one driving) and we made a couple of stops along the way. Margaret River is down south so the weather is a little cooler and windier compared to the city, so you might like to pack something more in the winter. We managed to get there in a little under 3 hours because we were driving quite fast but please take note of the speed limits in Australia and abide to it, they usually come with a hefty fine!

brusselton jetty
First stop, Brusselton Jetty. It was underwhelming and super touristy, i would suggest giving this a miss if don't plan on doing any jetty activities or need to grab a bite.
ngilgi cave
Ngilgi Cave has a interesting folktale and because I have never been in a limestone cave (or any other cave, for that matter), it was a very eye-opening experience which I recommend! You'd be on a semi-guided tour, get to climb about 700 steps and check out stunning stalactite formations.

margaret river cape lavender
Unfortunately, we missed out on a vineyard tour so we popped by Cape Lavender Tea House to grab some ice cream, scones and tea! My friend commented that they all taste like soap hehehe.

margaret river wyadup rocks
We drove to Wyadup Rocks when it's closer to sunset for the amazing coastline. I mean, just check out the photos. If you brought your swimwear along, it's great for a quick dip!

margaret river wyadup rocks
We stayed the night at Margaret River and finally had some decent Asian (Korean) food for dinner which I missed soooo much! The next morning, we woke up for brunch at this cafe called Riversmith. There are plenty of food options and all sorts of cuisine on Margaret River so that should be the least of your worries. You should worry about wild kangaroos jumping out on the road while you're driving at 100km/h.

margaret river brunch
Before we left for Perth, we went to Hamelin Bay because there's apparently wild stingrays in the water! We were so lucky and managed to spot 2 mega huge ones!

margaret river hamelin bay
Margaret River is the ultimate definition of #slowliving. Truly enjoyed the 2 days but I don't think i could take anything more than that. Hello, city life!

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