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huxley skincare
Unlike most mainstream Korean skincare/ makeup products and their cutesy packaging, Huxley came across as a minimalist Western brand. Their entire skincare line is made primarily from cactus oils!

Huxley claims that cactus oils are super hydrating and women living in the Sahara desert have been using it for years. If it worked for them, it can definitely work for my combination yet dehydrated skin right? (Ugh, no thanks humid Singapore's weather)

huxley skincare
On top of the dreamy packaging, I was especially attracted to their mission to change the skincare industry with unconventional ingredients.

I got the Huxley products from Cocomo, a distributor on Qoo10 known for cult Korean products like Son & Park. It has a super extensive page of information listing all their skincare series and information on what kind of skin they are suitable for, read more here.

Because of the high concentration of prickly pear extract each product contains, labour is extremely high. It takes about 36 hours to separate 1 million cactus seeds which only produces 1 litre worth of oil. When the brand says it's a beauty treasure, they do mean it literally.

huxley skincare hydration routine
My skin is most suited for their "Hydration Routine" which claims to help with achieve hydrating skin that can withstand UV rays and scorching heat. It consists of 3 products: a toner (Extract It), essence (Grab Water) and face cream (Fresh and More).

huxley skincare extract it toner
The toner, named Extract It, is a slightly acidic at pH5.5 which is actually our skin's ideal pH level. It's also formulated with moisturizing ingredients.

huxley skincare grab water
Next up, the essence. Grab Water targets dryness in skin caused by UV rays during summer. Dry skin is not just a problem faced during winter and this essence is truly a game changer. It absorbs into my skin almost immediately leaving it supple and ready for other products.

huxley skincare fresh and more
Ending off with a face cream, Fresh and More. The gel texture is heavier than expected but it's supposed to be a moisturizing barrier to lock in all the moisture into your skin at the end of the skincare routine. I only use this at night as it can leave the skin quite shiny.

huxley skincare
This skincare series  Hydration Routine  is recommended for:
- skin exposed to UV rays frequently
- those we wants long-lasting hydration
- skin that looks shiny on the surface, but is dehydrated and feels tight
- skin with rough texture due to excessive sebum and dead skin cells

Cocomo on Qoo10 is having a really attractive buy one get one free promo for Huxley right now, do check it out here.

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