8 Places That's Perth-fect for the 'Gram


There are lots of places in Perth that's really picturesque and Instagram-worthy but with limited time while on vacation, here are the top 8 I would highly recommend you to check out.

1. Pink Lake, Rottnest Island

Up your Instagram game with a pink salt lake, or quokkas on Rottnest Island! Read more about Rottnest Island here.

2. Red Hill Quarry
The most difficult to get to but one of the most amazing views. More info on how to get there here.

3. The Pinnacles Desert
A super touristy spot but these limestone formations are like nothing you have ever seen. Do stop by the Discovery Centre to read more about the history, habitats and mysteries if you're interested!

4. Lancelin Sand Dunes
The Lancelin sand dunes are a popular playground for four wheel drivers and bikers. Also a perfect backdrop for a white #OOTD photo.

5. Wyadup Rocks
margaret river wyadup rocks
One of the most stunning coastal lines ever. My photo doesn't do it justice. Just Google for "Wyadup Rocks, WA" and you'll see raving comments telling you that it's worth the drive up. If you got your swimsuit ready, please go for a dip in this rock pool. This place is every bit as blissful as you'd imagine.

Wyadup Rocks is located at Margaret River, read more about the roadtrip here.

6. Crawley Edge Boatshed
Also known as the Blue Boathouse. Like i said on my Instagram post - "If you didn't take a photo at the Crawley Edge Boatshed, did you really go Perth?" This is possibly the most taken shot of Perth on Instagram. It's like taking a shot of Singapore's city skyline - a must-have.

7. Fremantle Esplanade Ferris Wheel
Because our ferris wheel is not close enough to snap a photo like that HAHAHA. Also, the red reminds me of a festival/ theme park .

8. Cottesloe Beach
What's so insta-worthy about the beach? For one - the "beaches" we have in Singapore don't even come anything close to the most unpopular beach in Aussie. Cottesloe Beach faces the Indian Ocean and has one of the most amazing sunset ever. With the pink cotton candy skies and golden light, how can it not be insta-worthy?

If time is on your side, be sure to check out the Wave Rock and various parks! For all my travel shots on Instagram, check out the hashtag #wanderwithfee.

Ending off with a vlog from Perth!

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