A Quick Guide to Rottnest Island, Perth


rottnest island quokka
A 45 minutes ferry ride away from Hilary Harbour, Rottnest Island is definitely one of the must-visit attractions when you're planning to visit Perth.

We got our Ferry & Bike Combo tickets from KKday, which is cheaper than their original website at Rottnest Fast Ferries. I recommend the bike combo because it makes travelling around the island much easier and you'd get to visit the Pink Salt Lake which you wouldn't go past if you were to take the Bus Combo

rottnest island perth     rottnest island perth
However, if you're not physically fit, cycling up and down the insane slopes on Rottnest Island can be extremely challenging. I got down my bike a couple of times to push my bike up the slopes because it was just way too taxing for my unfit body HAHA.

rottnest island quokka
If you plan to take the bike around, you can stop anytime you spot a quokka! They are almost everywhere around the island, look out for them in taller grass if you can't find them. They are not afraid of humans and would actually move towards you hoping you'd spare some food. It's not recommended to feed them but I saw people giving them cucumbers and they seemed to like it! 

There's a couple of Pink Lakes around the island, the nearest one is just a 5 - 7 bike ride from the main entrance. 

While we stood there taking photos, so many people were also like "IS THAT SNOW!?" when they noticed the outer rim of salt. Uhm hello, you're standing under the hot sun at 25°C, are you really asking that? And then... they dipped their finger into the lake and licked the salt off and went "OHHHH IT'S SALT." 

Anyway, #funfact the lake is pink because of the high salinity combined with salt-loving pink bacteria so people were licking bacteria off their finger ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

rottnest island perthrottnest island perth
There are plenty of beaches around the island and damn, just look at how clear the water is. We couldn't bother with an extra set of clothes so we resisted the urge to take a dip but that would have been nice. You could do some snorkeling too but you would have to rent the equipment.

rottnest island perth
We checked out a couple of beaches but I recommend the Pinky Beach because it has a peek of the lighthouse and you can hike up a little hill of rocks for this view from the top. 

Protip: Be sure to pack some food with you while you cycle around the island! There are only a few food options at the main entrance and most of them are bakeries/ sandwich shops. There's a resort here, Karma Rottnest so you can choose to spend the night here. We didn't have much to do so only spent a day here and took the last ferry at 4:30pm.

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