Rose Gold Hair at Apgujeong Hair Studio


The rose gold trend has been going on for a while now and of course, being a huge fan of rose gold shades, i had to try getting my hair rose gold. When you google for rose gold hair, you'd get varying shades of browns, coppers, violets and pinks. And tbh, I don't even know what sort of rose gold do I want for my hair. All I know was I want it ombre so I do not have to do touch ups at my roots hehe. 

My stylist, Steve, at Apgujeong Hair Studio recommended a pink brown for my base which will fade to a lighter shade at the ends. He mentioned that he added a little bit of violet and red into the dye mixture as well. 

Here's the process of my hair makeover! 

Before images!

After two rounds of bleaching LOL and Steve in the background

The bleaching caused my hair to be quite brittle and rough but thankfully Apgujeong Hair Studio has this treatment called SmartBond by Loreal. It's something like Olaplex which repairs, protects and strengthens the hair.

I also did another treatment called Kera Therapy. It's an intense repairing treatment to help hair regains its strength and elasticity. Perfect for damaged and overly processed hair, which I obviously needed. 

Steven styled my hair and look at how soft and bouncy it is hehe

Here's how it looks like under the sun! 

My hair looks like a completely different colour under different lightings. At home, it looks like an ashy brown and my mom didn't even notice the colour change but when i'm out shopping in malls, it's this ashy pink brown shade. It has streaks of pink when im in the office!

Anyway, i'm told that it will fade to a more copper-ish colour with more washes. I'm looking forward to it ;)

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