VASA BLÅ | Wireless Freedom by Sudio Sweden


Remember the last time I showed you my super stylish Sudio Sweden earphones? (No? Read it here.)

Sudio Sweden is so kind to send me a new wireless earphones, the VASA BLÅ that they have launched recently. I got a new black and rose gold one and you can get one at a whooping 35% off! Read till the end for a promo code!

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The VASA BLÅ is a top-of-the-line wireless earphones that is not only convenient but also, it comes in a variety of colours that'd match your style and personality. The new VASA BLÅ made travelling around so much easier without all the tangling around of wires. It also comes with a micro USB for charging. 

To connect to your phone: 
Simply hold on to the middle button on your VASA BLÅ and wait for the second beep or for the light to flash quickly. Then go to the bluetooth option on your phone to connect to wireless earphones. You're done! You can use it up to 8 hours before it needs to be recharged. 

To get your own VASA BLÅ with a 35% off (15% off + 20% tax rebate), simply quote <LOVESUMMER> during check out! As usual, Sudio Sweden offers free shipping to Singapore (and of course, worldwide too) 

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