Wardrobe Essentials: How I Style Long Blazers



I wish I live in a country with cooler climates so people won't look at me like i'm cray cray every time I layer on a longer outerwear. I also dislike how I can't layer it over sweaters and/or pants without feeling like i'm putting myself through hell. 

So, this is usually how I style my longer blazers and vests - I wear them over shorts or mini dresses. I love how an outerwear changes the look completely. Without the blazer, my top and shorts would look like an outfit perfect for a day out at Universal Studios instead. 

Also look! A pop of red in my outfit hahaha my attempt at trying to add my more colours~

Blazer: Zalora | Top and Shorts: Columns & Row | Bag: Givenchy | Shoes: Charles & Keith

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