Melbourne Visuals: October 2015


Hello, it has been a while.

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram, you would know that I was in Melbourne about two months ago.  Isn’t it insane how time flies? We’re approaching the end of November and soon – we’d be having Christmas and then it's going to be 2016.

Feels like it was just March a while ago.

Anyway, my trip to Melbourne was a really impromptu and unplanned one. Ever since Esther was studying there, I have always wanted to visit but we took forever to plan one so this time, when Shuwen went over for an exchange trip with RMIT. I booked a flight out on my own within a week. Yay to my enthusiasm.

There were plans to fly over to Sydney/ Brisbane but because of schedule complications and whatnot, I decided to stay put and spend all 10 days in Melbourne. Live like a local man. Didn’t have any intense itinerary, just places/ cafés I wanted to check out and that was it.

There we go, pretty much described my super chill trip to Melbourne.

Conclusion? I love Melbourne. It’s such a super slow city, it’s no wonder that every single one of my friends who ever studied/ lived there, wanted to move there for good.

It was actually my first time alone on a plane, settling all the checking in - all by myself. I’m a pretty independent person but it was still sort of scary, having to rely on myself (and my internet-enabled phone) to make sure I don’t get lost.

You know, the best part about all that was the feeling of stepping into a foreign airport and onto an unfamiliar street, seeing such unfamiliar non-Asian faces and you’re all by yourself is such an exhilarating and liberating experience. I’d do that all over again.

Here’s to more adventures.

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