OpenRice Food Tasting: Violet Herbs


One of the lucky ones to try out Violet Herb’s food tasting with OpenRice SG! We asked Danni (the co-founder) about the name and she mentioned that there are very little herbs that are actually violet in colour so that’s what they aim to be - special and outstanding.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Violet Herb’s purple interior but it definitely suits its name and stands out from the surrounding cafes and restaurants. The cozy, candle-lit restaurant is sure inviting and not at all pretentious. Violet Herbs also has a dining space on the 2nd level and it boasts a homely brown and white décor with huge windows.

We were served amazing saffron bread with the beef amuse-bouche. I’m not a fan of bread at all, but this – give me more of it please, it was so fragrant. (Maybe it tasted extra good because lunch was already digested hours ago.)

Moving on the appetiser – Mango Scallops. Mango and seafood, such a great combination. The sweetness from the mango gel and savoury parsnip puree works really well together.

Parsnip Velouté with fresh Sri Lankan crab, edible flowers  and drizzled with herb oil. I really enjoyed the texture and taste of the parsnip but I could barely taste the crab.

Next up, Truffle Foie Gras with an hour poached egg. Instead of the regular, runny poached egg, this one had a velvety texture. I absolutely love foie gras, eggs and truffle so this was easily the highlight of the tasting for me.

Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly, with asparagus and spicy blood orange sauce with a side of herb fries. Even though the combination worked well for me, the pork belly wasn’t as tender as I thought it would be. It didn’t have the melt-in-your-mouth texture I hoped for.

The last dish before dessert – Marinated Red Miso Cod. By this time, I was getting kinda full so it didn’t stand out as much to me.  I would truly enjoy the cod if I was hungrier. The cod was marinated well and it still retained the natural sweetness of the cod fish.  I didn’t like the almond and fried parsnip eggplant that came with it though; it left a tangy and uncomfortable aftertaste.

Dessert was Frozen Nougut with lychee sorbet, plated prettily with mixed berries and raspberry sauce. The crumble underneath the nougat was slightly savoury. Love the sweet and salty combination!

That concludes my food tasting with Violet Herbs. Overall, I truly enjoyed the tasting and every dish that was served. Violet Herbs offers fine-dining dishes at affordable prices so drop by and check it out soon.


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