Sushi lunch ft. Foodpanda!


What's Foodpanda? It's a online food delivery service with more than 200 restaurants! There's even Brinda's, a 24hr delivery services that sells prata, murthabak etc. 4am in the morning and craving for some egg and onion prata? There you go! With Foodpanda, you don’t need to call the restaurant: the whole process is online - if you wish, you can even pay online.

The first step when you go to Foodpanda is to key in your postal code, and they will generate a list of available restaurants that can deliver to your venue. Foodpanda has very kindly offered me a $80 voucher and I was soooo spoiled for choice. I had 99 restaurants to choose from!

Finally decided on Kinsa Sushi. Ah, my favourite cuisine. 

I actually pre-ordered my food 2 days in advance for Friday afternoon, 2pm and it arrived at 2:20pm. Upon opening the bags of food, I noticed a label on the food containers stated that food must be consumed within 2 hours from the preparation time, which was at 12:40pm. Which means I was only left with only 20 mins to eat my food. By the time I finished taking photos, I only had 10 minutes!

I was concerned that the sashimi would turn bad but luckily, they had ice packs within the food container so the sashimi was all gooood. To my dismay, everything else was already at room temperature. But taste-wise, it was pretty satisfying. I love the swordfish sashimi!!!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, the food was packaged neatly and they even provided chopsticks and wet tissue! I definitely foresee myself using Foodpanda a lot in the future. I mean, they even have Makisan!?! I KNOW. I also do not have a Soup Spoon outlet near me ;( I've always wanted to have Soup Spoon delivered to my place... And well, I found out that now I can do that with Foodpanda

Go experience it this weekend at ;)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Foodpanda, but all opinions are my own.

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