Stripes & Knots ft. Luca Ruca


Outerwear: Temt | Dress: c/o Luca Ruca

Probably the 29th striped clothing I own but who can resist a striped dress?! They are so wearable! I dressed it up a little and layered it with a oversized button down while I was walking around the mall before heading to the beach last weekend! I'm a fan of loose, comfy swing dresses but I love how the side knot of this striped dress from Luca Ruca cinched up the dress and gives me a more defined waistline. 

Luca Ruca, headed by 2 young European designers, Anastasia Buchinskaya and Belinda Alice Jacobs have designed a line that exhibits their love for sophistication. The duo has also worked with big names in the fashion industry such as Versace, Red Valentino, Vogue Italia, Mathew Williamson, John Rocha and Ted Baker.

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