#getyourscrubon with Shuang Scrubs


Did you know that 60% of what you rub onto your skin is absorbed through the skin and can be detected in the blood within minutes? So if you wouldn't eat something, you shouldn't put it on your skin either! 

Shuang Scrubs' Kopi-O is a organic scrub made from coffee beans, sea salt, brown sugar and coconut oil that smooth out your lumps, bumps and imperfections while deeply moisturising your skin to nourish you from the outside in. All made from natural ingredients!


I received two packs of scrubs in a cute pink shoebox packaging and I finally got the time to try it out today. I did a test patch on my forearms (you know, in case of allergies) and I was surprised that the scrub left that part of my skin feeling so smooth! I have tried using other scrubs from other brands before and they often leave my skin feeling way too oily and I have to use another body wash to remove all the excess oil again so I end up stripping away all the moisture that i'm supposed to get from the scrub... Not this one though! I merely rinsed it off with water. But of course, if you have oily/ combination skin, you might have to use a light body wash to remove the excess oil. 

And... here's a giveaway for you girls to leave your skin feeling super shuang!!!

Because I received 2 huge packs from them and I only opened one, and I would probably take a long time to use up both! Sharing is caring right :)
Just 3 simple steps:
1) Follow me on Instagram (@popthebob)
2) Follow Shuang Scrubs on Instagram (@shuangscrubs)
3) Just leave a comment with your Instagram username and email address. (All comments will be moderated so don't worry, your address would not be exposed for all the spam bots hahaha)

Giveaway is closed! Winner of giveaway is Adeline Foo. Do check your mail!

Meanwhile, do check out Shuang Scrubs! #soshuang

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