Cosying up with Lacquär


It's unfortunately summer all year round here on our little island but I've always wanted to own one of those long blazer coats that aren't too thick so i can wear them here in Singapore without melting into a puddle. 

So i finally got one of these from Lacquär! Honestly, they have the best selection of coats and jackets. Some of which are suitable for colder countries so if you're jetting off to a winter holiday soon, be sure to check out their whole range of outerwear. 

My sister and I are huge fans of knitwear and we have this cupboard full of jumpers and sweaters. On rainy days, we'd jump at the chance of wearing one of them. So how can i pass up a knit sweater dress... with elbow patches!? I don't know what's with me and elbow patches but i love how they look on sweaters. 

Wish i live in a colder climate so i can wear clothes like these for like 1/2 of the year. 

But then again, i hate the cold... I remember when I was in Seoul about 2 years back and it was -13deg. I PROMISED MYSELF TO NEVER EXPERIENCE ANOTHER WINTER. Skiing was fun though, ah but I digress. 

Thank you the lovely team at Lacquär for all these goodies x 

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Rd , #04-108
Singapore 228213
Phone: +65 6235 8968

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