11/11 visuals // Birthday staycation @ Lloyd's Inn


Turned 22 on 11/11 and Drew surprised me with a not-so-surprising birthday staycation at Lloyd's Inn. He's terrible at surprises, it's hilarious. I guess it's a good thing though, it means he's bad at lying.

Of course, we brought their pretty yukata out to their oh-so-popular concrete corridor to snap some shots hahahah

So grateful and thankful for you.

I can't believe a year flew by just like that. It was insanely quick. I remembered someone once told me this - "Once you hit your twenties, time really flies. Before you know it, you'd hit your 30s." When I heard that during my teen years, I didn't quite comprehend it. 

Now, I truly understand. Most of us in our twenties are working adults, we spend 3/4 of our waking hours sitting in front of a computer in a cold, grey office building. After work, we have approximately 3 - 4 short hours to spend with our loved ones or ourselves before hitting the sack and repeating this for the next 4 weekdays. Weekends become so precious, we hold on to every waking hour doing what we like before Monday strikes again. Time slips through our fingers like sand. 

When you're older, people around you grow older too. You have more commitments and so does your friends. You guys would have less time to meet and would hardly ever have those, "let's go for dinner NOW" "okay!" moments anymore.

If someone were to told me this when I was 18, I'd probably appreciate all the time I had. I'd find things to do, to improve myself and maybe pick up a new hobby or two.

But hey, it's never too late to start. Here's to another great year and here's to growing wiser x

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