FAQ on blonde hair


Do blondes have more fun? Well, i don't know but blonde hair sure make for good conversation starters. 

One of the questions that I get asked ever so often these days is - why did you go blonde? 

Honestly, it was accidental. I never thought of going blonde or anything on the lighter yellow/ copper side because of the brassiness. But as seen from this post, my hair was just a rich medium brown to a light ash brown ombre. (Photos taken on the day of dye job) Like most hair dyes, the colours faded overtime and got lighter. (Which isn't entirely bad thing) I was just a tad worried about going for job interviews but turns out, that wasn't a big problem at all. Guess it helps that i'm not working in a banking/ corporate business industry. 

Other problems include the brassiness which i'm trying to tackle with purple shampoo, but i think it's making it lighter/ more blonde! Also, my hair (especially the ends) had gotten pretty dry from the bleaching. I have this bunch of hair that is almost whitish grey/ platinum because it went through bleaching 4 or 5 times, the rest twice. A good weekly hair mask and occasional hair treatment should help!

You might have already read my grad post (here), i've actually graduated with blondeeee hair. Got a couple of compliments from my classmates that day and you know, i'm glad that i'm going to look back on my graduation day photos one fine day and be like, WOW I WAS A COOL KID I HAD BLONDE HAIR HAHAHAH. Makes a pretty damn good story, no? 

Well technically, i'm just half blonde. Because ombre. Now that i have tried blonde, will i remain blonde? Nope, i'm planning to go dark.

Blonde is definitely one of those colours that i'm glad i tried while i'm still young so if you're considering going blonde soon - DO IT. Because why not?

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