Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Awards Ceremony & more


Last Saturday was the award ceremony for Singapore Blog Awards 2014. Unfortunately, I am not the winner for the Fashion category but thank you everyone who has voted for me! So surprised and thankful to be even in the top 10 finalists out of hundreds of blogs out there. 

Drew and I dropped by Botanic Gardens after that and omg, I walked across the ENTIRE park in heels. That got to be at least 3km; the balls of my feet hurt till the next morning. 

Anywaaaay, we hogged the famous bandstand for a good 30 minutes or more, set the camera on timer and snapped a few photos.

Oh you know, just Drew trying to murder me haahhaha

The theme for the Awards Ceremony was Giddy Up! Drawing inspiration from the Kentucky Derby, many bloggers and guests turned up in fancy hats and pretty sundresses. Being me and being not so into colours, I didn't wear a fancy, colourful outfit. I tried though! I tried on an outfit the previous night and was all ready to hop on the colourblock bandwagon and was like, nahhhh. Next time, maybe.

I'm still in my monochrome phase.

Dress: Feist Heist | Necklace: Asymmtrcl | Shoes: M)phosis

And thank you Drew, for being my +1 for all the events and whatnot x 

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