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I just came up with this really cheesy name for this new segment of my blog. 

Wait for it...

It's going to be called... 

Muscial Mondays 

Ahhahahah whut whuuut. Okay I know i know, it's so lame but i wanted to name it something so if you have a better suggestion please let me know HAHAHA.

So hello there, and welcome to Musical Monday LOLOLOL okay basically I'd just schedule a post for Mondays and it's just going to be a video of what's currently on my iPod! 

I always tell my friends, "Eh dude check this song out" but then they would have to go on to YouTube and search for it yada yada so maybe next time I'd just make them check out my blog every Monday.

On today's playlist, Andrew Belle - Wants What It Wants. I heard it on latest episode of Pretty Little Liars a few days ago and daaaamn I heard like 3 seconds of it and paused the episode and searched for it. It's such a lazy weekday afternoon song :') Like you know with a book and some tea.

Another Andrew Belle song that I absolutely adore - In My Veins.

Check him out guys.

On a second thought, i'm going to scratch the "Musical Mondays" name hahhaa I can't believe I came up with something so shitty/ lame gahshhf0jrwlendsh.

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