Ft. Singapore Blog Awards 2014


An email popped up in my inbox just 2 hours ago and I was notified that I am one of the finalists for Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Best Fashion Blog category! My first reaction was like WWWHHHHAAAAT?? and then I got quite excited because this is probably the first time I have ever been a finalist for any sort of awards in my life. (#sadlife)

Anyway, I sent the voting link to a few of my good friends - their reactions are hilarious and it's almoooost heartwarming that they are all so supportive hahaha. Having said that, of course i'm writing this to ask for your vote! :D HAHAHAH

So hello there friend/ stranger, kindly click HERE and vote for ofreveries.blogspot.com/ Fiona under Best Fashion Blog. Yes, yes i'm aware that my link is the only one without my face on it. Stop asking me why ahhahahah. Oh, yes you can vote once everyday so if you're feeling kind or bored, drop by and send a vote my way!

Thank you so much x 


Outfit for last weekend when I visited Alive Museum! (Which was sooooo LAME omg i will show you guys all the lame photos soon)

Till then, stay gold x

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