Marbled days



Not officially, I haven't received my certificate yet but i'm done. Done with school, for good! So now, I have a Bachelor of Communication - and nothing in mind. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?? D: I'm leaving my current job at the end of July, anyone wanna hire me? Hahhahaha

About a month back, I finally got my hands on the much coveted Zara marble midi skirt that I have been seeing all over Instagram. At first, I was like "oh from Zara, okay I'm not going to pay 70 bucks for a piece of cloth." But noooo, it only costs 39.90! I thought it was pretty affordable for Zara. So by the time I found out about that, it was sold out islandwide. They had the black one left but nah. I even went to Zara in Bangkok to see if they have it. No luck! 

So one fine day, I was just checking out Ngee Ann City's Zara and TAAA DAAA scored the last size S skirt. Funny story - at the very moment that I wanted to try on the skirt, I needed to pee really urgently so Drew held on to the skirt, stood awkwardly in the women's section and waited for me to get back hahahha. I was like, "don't you dare put it down ah!!"

I attempted to curl my hair that day and it lasted for like what, 30 minutes before it got kinda got frizzy. Which was shocking because my hair hardly gets frizzy, think the heat protectant I used wasn't too good :(

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