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Meet Codi Ann Thomsen, founder of West Heritage! Currently based out of the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Codi works out of an in-house studio her and her mother renovated.

West Heritage was established earlier in 2014 as a way of embracing and cultivating those who diligently work for their passion; to share the stories and craftwork of makers, foster community and to generate a gathering space in which inspiration can be found.

Codi was so sweet to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk to me! Here’s a bit about her and brainchild, West Heritage and I hope you enjoy this little interview!

Tell me a bit about yourself?
My name is Codi Ann Thomsen and although I do various things and wear many different hats, I can best describe myself as a craftswoman, entrepreneur and story-teller. By story-telling, I mean that I share advice or stories based on personal experience -- usually within handwritten letters to folks all around the world, but alsoonline. Most of the subjects that I write about or share have to do with the human condition; anxiety, loneliness, self-worth, love and motivation. Connection and story-telling is something that I'm very much dedicated to and it plays an active role in all of my work.

Where are you from and tell me something about your city!
I was born in Chandler, Arizona and I lived on a small ranch in Maricopa, Arizona with my mother and farm animals until I was about four. Throughout my childhood, we hopped around from home to home within the southwest Chicago-land suburbs and finally settled into the same home I've been living in since I was seven or eight. The village itself that I reside in is a little bit more developed than I'd like but it's granted me easy access to the city of Chicago when I need it and is just far enough to keep me somewhat sane. We have many small forest preserves within the area that I tend to run to if I ever get cabin fever which happens fairly regularly as I work from home.

What can't you live without?
This question made me smile as I know I'm not the one to answer this figuratively. Living without materialistic items certainly would be uncomfortable. Of course, in 2014, it would seem to most to be fairly devastating, and especially to those like myself who make their living online. But I truly could not live without love/connection. It's the reason I believe I have purpose and a will to push forward each day, it's the reason that I have a smile on my face despite struggle, and it's the reason that I work as hard as I do. Being loved and loving others is the uttermost important thing in my entire life.

What do you do when you're not busy with West Heritage?
Gosh, it certainly seems like I'm always moving around! To be honest, I'm not one for rest. Every day, I spend a bit of time cleaning our home as my mother, who is also a small business owner, has intensive hours herself. Especially during the busiest of days, it's very important for me to keep the studio tidy and organized. I also use my downtime to catch up on writing letters and responding to mail. However, on my true time off, I spend time with my boyfriend, friends or family. Whether it is watching movies, playing cards, grabbing dinner, or finding a location to take photos, my time spent with my loved ones is my favorite part of any week.

What inspired you to start West Heritage?
I've always done everything that it is that I do currently however, it was done in separate places. I've been selling my work through my own name for nearly two years now, I've been telling stories, interviewing and getting to know others and their own work and so much more, and I felt that I needed to find a way to combine everything into a single space to be shared. Creating a brand and small business seemed to me to be the next step forward in my work and I've found it to be incredibly rewarding thus far.

What can we expect from West Heritage in the near future?
We have so many different things in store! On top of continuously releasing new work and interviews, we'll soon begin stocking goods made by other brands and artists. However, what I'm most excited about is that on top of this, we are currently collaborating with a handful of different small businesses and makers to create one-of-a-kind items for West Heritage. There's a lot to look forward to and I'm incredibly eager to share all that we've been working on!

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