Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.


I'm in the midst of the very last module of my University education!!!!!!! My very last essay is due on 16th June and that's it. The end of studying. 

I cannot wait. Literally counting down to 16th.


On a completely different note, i'm back to my 'black and white' phase again when it comes to my outfit choices. Then again, i haven't really deviate much from it. Colours were never really my thing but i like adding just a teeny weeny bit of floral and shitz into my outfit sometimes. (Or some days, i go all floral and girly that it scares my friends and they'd be like ARE YOU BIPOLAR GURL but that's a story for another day) 

This Botanical printed tunic from Columns&Row is absolutely perfect for lazy days. I didn't bother with accessories, just throw on this oversized printed tee and go! 

Columns&Row just opened a new preorder that is closing on 18th June. I love how their preorder items arrive just 7 - 9 days after preorder closes!!! That's probably the fastest i have ever seen. Correct me if i'm wrong but usually it takes 2 weeks or so? Life is too short to shop at mega-long-waiting-time preorders man hahahha so go ahead and shop grrrls! 

Botanical Printed Tunic: Columns&Row

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