Blended in perfection // ft. Artica Hair Studio



Finally done something to my terrible, terrible black roots! The last time i dyed my hair was in January, gosh! 

I went back to the salon that i got my hair cut at about a month ago - Artica Hair Studio! A big thank you to the kind people at Artica for this opportunity and for welcoming me into Artica's ambassador team! :D 

As i have mentioned in my previous post, i wanted something ashy silver/ blue but was told that i gotta bleach 4 to 5 times. Without a doubt, it's going to damage my hair (reaaaally badly) so i settled for blue highlights with a purple base! Hahaha the director, Juno was like "why do you like colours like these, very damaging you know...." Yaaaa but life's too short to have boring hair colours right hahahah i mean i have the rest of my life to settle for a black/ brown colour! 

Hhahahhaa Faye took these shots and I told her I thought the following one is "very artistic hor" aka tumblr-ish, she rolled her eyes (but of course, she secretly thinks so too)



Artica is having a Great Singapore Sale promotion right now which gives you more than 50% off their regular prices! 

Sooooo worth it, if you ask me. Just think about it - a digital perm would already cost you $188 if you have long hair!!

Call 6836 2891 to book an appointment today! 

Till the next time x

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