Oh gosh, it still feels weird typing "24th" or any other 20+ birthdays for that matter. Still feels like last year when I was only 19. Now my younger sister is turning 19 (gosh, she still feels like 17 to me) and i'm like what? I'm turning 22 in just 6 months?

You know they said time flies after you hit the twenties, WELL IT'S BLOODY DAMN TRUE. So enjoy your teen years and live like... you're turning 20 tomorrow hahahaha.

Spent the morning painting a card, dropped by town in the afternoon so we could get a gift for Noel which took so long!! But we ended up with a pretty nice wallet so ALL IS GOOD.

Noel and his girlfriend had plans to take the Flyer so the rest of us hid at the exit and surprised him with a cake! So glad that our surprise for Noel was a total success! He didn't even suspect a thing!!! And like all good birthday parties, we've got a cake-in-your-face moment (or twice, in this case).

Headed to 49 Seats for dinner. And sorry guys nope, I didn't count if they really have 49 seats or not. Just a quick review on that - I had Tomyum Seafood pasta which was toooo gelat for me. You know how you eat something creamy and/ or cheesy, after 5-10 minutes you're like OH YUCK. Well, it is like that. Disappointing because i'm a huge tomyum AND pasta fan. Their cream of mushroom was pretty good though. Oh, the staff were so nice hahaaha Noel said one of them gave him a facial cleanser to clean up after the cake-smashing hahahhaa.

To Noel: Here's to more great nights like this one, bro. Hope you had fun x



Check out the Shark Tooth Necklace sourced by Asymmtrcl. It's going to be my new favourite!

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