Slow and steady


Look at how quickly time flies. The last time I was here... WHAT, OCTOBER?!??!

Jeez, 3 months flew by just like that?

You know how people always write that end of the year post where they thank everybody and how they lucky they are to have survived another year yada yada. And that new year's resolution post?


I would like to thank my dad and my mom for bringing me into this beautiful world.. HA I KID

But hey, the past few months was a hell of a good time.

Spent a couple of days in Bali, and it's such a lovely place to just chill out and bum around. We got our flight tickets for just slightly over 100 and we booked a private villa via Airbnb, it was so nice. Ah I really want to go back there. The food was good, especially KU DE TA! Worth a trip there for brunch! We also had seafood dinner on the beach and watched the sunset together. It was sooooo romantic, no wonder Bali is such a popular honeymoon destination for people living in the West.

I'm not really a beach kinda person (you know, issues with the sun), but honestly I would just go back there and drink some beers at the beach (under a huge umbrella, of course)

I GOT REALLY TANNED BTW. My face was a different shade from my shoulders because I applied sunblock on my face, arms and legs BUT FORGOT ABOUT MY SHOULDERS. I was wearing an off-shoulder top, sigh. 3 months later, i'm still a different shade okay, I cannot emphasize the importance of sunblock enough.


I also turned 21 in November and spent the day at Ocean Park in Hong Kong pretending like I was 12 instead. And you know I said I wanted that Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol in Rose Gold?? My friends got it for me!!!! I AM SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!! Hhhahaha :B


December went by in a blur but I recall it being rather good so hahahah yay!

I got myself a cruiser in January! That's possibly the only happy thing that happened. School started and I had lots of assignments sigh IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE. 

Good news for me though! I was planning a trip to somewhere nearby so I dropped an email to my course coordinator to ask when would the commencement date for my next semester be. She replied, "02 June to 14 June"

In other words - I'M GRADUATING IN MID JUNE!!!!!! Not officially though, but I won't ever ever ever have to study again for the rest of my life!!! (I hope)

14 June 14 June 14 June

That calls for a Carlsberg!

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