Bob it


After months and months of cutting my hair into that awkward shoulder length and having it stick out at weird angles after a week or two (because it hits my shoulders so it sticks out??? i don't know how it works but yeahhhh), i have decided to just chop it off to a short bob!! Aka chin-length and not even touching my shoulders.

Well, nothing new if you already knew me since when i was 15 and sporting really short haircuts. I have also been whining about cutting my hair short during my poly days but my hair was super mega longggg. It was up till my waist and i got it curled so it all wavy and i couldn't bear to cut it off. 

A year ago, i got my curls cut off 'cos it was all dry and like i mentioned, I have been keeping it at my shoulders till last week!!!

I never really regretted my haircuts before even if they don't turn out the way I wanted it to be. I mean, your hair will grow!!!?? I never found it to be very life-changing either. You know how some people say, women get haircuts or do something drastic to their hair when they go through life-altering events (such as, break ups or whatnots). But you know what, life is too short. Just do whatever the hell you want with your hair. IT'S NOW OR NEVER. 

It's also time for me to change a new hair colour. How does ash grey/ blue sounds?

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