See you in Tokyo


I went to Tokyo for the first time ever back in April and it was one of those cities that made me go like "NOOOO I DON'T EVER WANNA LEAVE THIS PLACE!!!" 

Drew and I wanted to go somewhere together. Initially, he chose to visit Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and I googled about it and had strong objections against visiting Vietnam. I'm just not a sightseeing person really. Maybe i'll go there someday, maybe soon? But just not that trip. I recently tried Vietnamese food and really liked it so maybe i'd go Vietnam just for the food?? HAHAHA that was actually the reason why we wanted to go Tokyo. 


We heard crazy good reviews about how you can just randomly walk into a ramen shop and get a bowl of really good ramen (true!) and how fresh the sushi is etc etc and before we know it, we got our flights booked! After that we were like, omg I can't believe we're going to Tokyo. It was such a random and rash decision because both of never wanted to go Tokyo and we're not into J-pop or the culture or anything.

We just really like sushi. Oh and cherry blossoms.

So we went ahead and planned our itinerary which was insane 40 PAGES long and soooo detailed because everything's gonna be in Japanese and we were afraid of getting lost, plus the locals can barely speak English! 

On a side note, I took some photos on my iPhone 4S which crashed before I could back the photos up and I was soooo upset. Every time someone mentioned iPhone 4S, i'll just think about the photos :( But anyway, I got my iPhone 5S last week and I tried to 'restore' the phone on iTunes with no expectations of getting my photos back or whatsoever, i wanted to restore my contacts. Lo and behold, I GOT ALL MY PHOTOS BACK. Totally made my day. Had so much fun browsing through all the photos, here are some of my favourites!

Dinner on the first night, which was some random ramen shop at Shinjuku - crazy gooooood

Flowers everywhere on the streets

Sushizanmai - restaurant near our place that serves gooooood tuna


Shibuya Crossing (of course i need a hair flip here hahahah)

Stunning cherry blossoms!

If you ever ever visit Tokyo, PLEASE GO TRY BLACOWS. It's a burger place near Ebisu train station that serves "possibly the best burger ever". Drew and I actually braved the rain that evening to try it, soooo glad we did that!


I'll see you soon, Tokyo.

Drew and I are going to head to Bali on Tuesday for our second trip together - so excited! We booked a villa with a pool! Can't wait can't wait


Till then, stay gold.

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