Contrary to popular belief


I do get out in the sun occasionally.

I don't dislike the sun because it makes me tan (then i'd have to change my foundation colour after that? whut), i dislike it because it makes perspire and i'd be all sticky, uncomfortable and grumpy.

But I do enjoy going to the zoo, amusement park, having a picnic or flying a kite. (I can't think of any other reasons to be out in the sun, nah, no not the beach. I'll find a place with a shade at the beach)

I have always wanted to fly a kite and never got the chance to, because none of my friends were interested. I remember whining about it for a good two years until I met Drew and I was like, I wanna fly a kite! And he bought this ridiculous looking panda kite with looonnnngggg legs hahahah and I remember him taking a photo of it while standing behind the kite and I was like, "you legs look funny."

We decided to buy a more 'professional' kite and we got this eagle kite (i call him Mr Eagle) from PassionKites. By the way, it's more than 2m wide and when we'd tell our friends "OH OUR KITE IS THIS BIG *stretches hands out wide*", they'd be like "yeah right" -_- CANNOT HAVE BIG KITE MEH?

One more thing, don't fly your kite at Bishan Park. Mr Eagle got stuck on a tree once and we thought we'd lose him forever :'< hahaha. Marina Barrage is a great place to fly! Especially at night. (No sun, hehe)

P.S. the whole point of this post was to show off my eagle kite hehehe

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