Safari adventure


Half of Singapore was probably at Mandai during the holidays. When we got there at 12ish, the queues for the tickets were insanely long. Luckily, i managed to get a pair beforehand and we skipped the queue!

Check out that last photo of that froggy, I was sooooo amused. I thought it looked like a scene out of a cartoon whereby the frog was the ~zen master~ with all that water and bamboo(?) ahhahaha.

River Safari wasn't too bad, it's small compared to the Zoo and Night Safari. It had only one route we could follow (unlike the Zoo) and we completed it within 2 hours or so. It'd probably be worth the visit when they open the river cruise later this year!

On a related note, Drew's trying to convince me to get the 'Friends of Night Safari' pass with him so we could visit the Night Safari whenever we want -_-

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