2018 New Year's Resolutions


I know new year's resolutions are such cliches and more often than not, forgotten. But hey, I’m feeling a little ambitious this year and i’m going to list down all the things i want to accomplish this year (in no particular order or importance). Hopefully, i can look back on this one year later and be like, YAAAAS GRRL. 

  1. Drink more water and take better care of my body. I know this sounds so humdrum but we all know how important it is. 
  2. Work on my time management and stop procrastinating. Not just tasks in my work life but everything else in general. Do whatever that needs to be done now. Not 30 minutes later, not tomorrow.  
  3. Learn driving (!!!) 
  4. Try out new things/ hobbies. Like pottery, soap making etc. 
  5. Read 15 books. I kick started this with buying a Kindle on 1st Jan :) 
  6. Shop smarter. Invest in quality items that are timeless and stop spending on things i don’t need.
If you noticed, i completely skip the "hit the gym" part and just go straight to drink more water because self-awareness is the first step, you guys. I wanted to add even more things on the list like "step out of your comfort zone", and "be kind" and all that jazz. But those things shouldn't even be a new years thing? Shouldn't those be daily reminders and things you should push yourself to do?

I often tell myself, "if not now, then when?". So honestly, these resolutions shouldn't be just for January. Better yet, refresh them every other month. Make them monthly goals or whatever you want to call them.

So really, if you can't be bothered with resolutions then you should just: 1. Do better, everyday. After all, time is just a human construct. 

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