Let's Talk About Slow Fashion


The mainstream fashion industry is all about trends and fast fashion which means the mass production allows relatively low prices at retailers. This often means that we buy more than what we need and this overconsumption comes with a hidden price tag which the environment and workers in the supply chain pays for. 

While I love trends and fast fashion, (and I still occasionally shop that H&M sale) I try to cut down on buying low quality "trendy" pieces that I don't picture myself wearing for long. 

I recently read about a movement called "slow fashion" - quite literally the opposite of fast fashion - where it aims to create a sustainable fashion model and encourages quality production. The whole point is create quality pieces to slow down consumption and reducing the use of raw materials.

I'm so glad when S For Savvy approached me to champion for their cause. Their platform consolidates past season pieces from fashion labels at up to 70% off. I think “past season” has such a negative connotation to it, it doesn't necessary means you'd be getting outdated clothes! I’m wearing this olive jumpsuit from AndWellDressed, and it’s such a timeless piece. Now you can shop for quality pieces at good value.

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