Perfect Travelling Backpack — Gaston Luga


gaston luga backpack
Gaston Luga, a backpack label made in Stockholm, Sweden has launched in Singapore. I got the 
Pråper - Black one but there are so many styles and colours to choose from. Aside from looking stylish, it's also super functional as it stores my 13" Macbook Air along with my wallet, phone, a notebook and makeup pouch with lots of room left. It has a slit pocket at the back which you can use to store your passport, leaving you with a peace of mind (and free hands) to do plenty of things while exploring the new city you're travelling to!

Favourite words on the internet  FREE SHIPPING. Worldwide. 

You'll get a 20% tax rebate if you're from a non-EU country and an additional 15% off Gaston Luga when you check out with promo code: popthebob15. Which brings down the total of $349 down to $237!

gaston luga backpack
gaston luga backpack

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