North-east Taipei, Taiwan — Holiday Visual Diary


I have always stayed in Taipei for my past trips to this city and never ventured out. Daaaamn, i have been missing out on the coastal sights! According to my tour guide/ driver, the tidal waves are the biggest during winter so it was a great time to visit the beaches if you're looking to watch the waves.

I took a day tour to the North-East of Taipei (you can book this tour: here). This tour brings you all the way to the outskirts of Yilan. Disclaimer: could be boring to some but if you love the amazing beaches and the endless horizon, you need to take a day out for this.

We covered the Nanya Rock Formations (which i highly recommend over Yeh Liu Geopark), Beiguan Tidal Wave Park, Cape Santiago Lighthouse and cycled through the Old Caoling Tunnel - all of which had very little tourists so you’d get beautiful shots with no one in the background! Instagram-worthy? Check.

My trip to Taipei this time was definitely lacking in the gastronomic aspect. All the street food that was so raved about on Facebook videos turned out to be a little underwhelming. However, here are some noteworthy food places that i’d  like to recommend:

Kanpai (a BBQ chain restaurant), you’d need to make reservations for this but trust me, it’s so worth the time and money. No photos on this one, was too busy chomping down on delicious and tender beef tongue and pork cheek slices!

Fuhang Soy Milk, which may seem overrated initially. But my gawd, it has the best youtiao i’ve ever eaten and also really good savoury beancurd. I saw reviews that the queues were up to 1 hour but when i got there, it was just a mere 10mins and i got my food! Totally worth waking up early for.

Till the next adventure!

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