Colour Palette of the Month


I say May's colour palette but it's really a permanent wardrobe colour palette for me ha ha ha. I get those random periods where I wear a lot of colours then i go back to wearing monochrome because they are my 'safe' colours. 

Well - not so much of colours this month; i stayed with mainly black, white and nude. You know, they say textures make things a little more interesting so we've got some lace and knit. Also, i'm really into crochet lately! 

Speaking of texture and prints... i haven't got sick of marble yet. I know they are all sorts of overdone and you can find all variations of marble print on literally everything. But imho, they are sort of timeless. 

I went on a little shopping spree recently and got clothing that are waaaay more colourful. Namely – pastel blue, light pink, kelly green and burnt orange. Looking forward to adding these *colours* into my ootds! 

Till the next one, stay gold x

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