Visual Diary | Phuket, Jan 2016


This is 3 months overdue but hey, better late than never.

Shuwen and I bought an impromptu flight to Phuket and didn't have much of a plan and we were thinking of cancelling the trip because there were news report of ISIS being at Phuket hahaha. But hey, YOLO right so we went ahead anyway.

I wanna warn all solo/ pairs of female travelers when it comes to snorkeling or diving. We booked a snorkeling trip to Raya Island with Raya Princess Tours. Please do your research before booking a tour, we obviously didn't because it was one of those hotel recommended ones so we went ahead with it.


The tour bus picked us up in the morning and we went to a jetty, got onto a boat and went towards the smaller islands. It was about at 20 to 30 minutes ride and all of a sudden, we came to a stop. The tour guide was like, "okay here it is, you guys can snorkel for about 20 minutes." We were parked next to some cliff, people started grabbing snorkel masks and jumping into the water! At this point, Shuwen and I were quite lost because we both can hardly swim and had ZERO experience with snorkeling. Two guides asked us if we had any experience, and they could guide us if we want. So, we said sure because that's better than drowning right!?

There were a lot of wolf whistles coming from neighbouring boats because we were in our swimwear (another bad decision) and we were the only female young adults in our tour. They started speaking in Thai to each other and I was like freaking out about the deep waters and shiz, i didn't really think too much. 

Anyway, we went into the water and DAMN IT WAS DEEP OK. Shuwen had a guide with her and I had one too. My guide was really helpful for the first 5 minutes then when I started paddling around, he started moving his hands to my butt and thighs. At this point of time, Shuwen was about 10m away from me. I had a lifejacket on, so I know I won't drown (hahahhaa) so I kicked my guide away and swam towards Shuwen. 

Once I got to her, I grabbed her hands and asked if she's okay because my guide was touching me (in mandarin) and maybe she was panicking or what because I couldn't really get an audible reply except for yes her guide was touching her and how deep the sea is. Oh gosh. we were worried about drowning AND the guides. 

My guide came back shortly and started touching me again (HOW DARE YOU) so I kicked him away and at this point, I was literally grabbing Shuwen's hand so tightly. The guide actually tried to separate us(!!!) One of the guides was like, "want to check out the other coast? 10 minutes away" or something like that. But our 20 minutes snorkeling time was already up, so we said no and paddled back towards our boat. 

We were so traumatized that when we got to the beach, we literally RAN away from the guides.

We didn't really dare to lodge a complain because the guides had our hotel address and our room number (they needed it for the booking) but we googled the reviews for Raya Princess Tours after and everyone had relatively okay reviews about it. Just our luck :(

Just be really careful when you are alone or travelling with a female friend. 

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