The Peach Box | GIVEAWAY


If you remember seeing The Peach Box, it’s because I have been featuring then on my Instagram and also I did a post of them previously.

They have kindly sent me 2 new bangles – the Skinny Roman Empress Bangle and Open Pearl Bangle.

This time round, I will be hosting a giveaway on my Instagram to give away a brand new set of these bangles!

The Peach Box has great quality accessories and they are made of stainless steel so they do not tarnish like those cheaper ones. You get what you pay for. I chose my accessories in rose gold to match the rose gold crystal mesh watch from their sister brand, Marc Bale

Say hello to my first all-metal watch and it’s a pretty bold choice for me as I’m always going to leather bands. Marc Bale watches also come with another matching watch strap so you have the option to switch it up!

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