Lush Haul: Ocean Salt, Jumping Juniper, Dark Angels and others


I'm not some beauty expert but I recently started buying Lush products and it's funny how I haven't started using them earlier! I knew about Lush way before they broke into the Singapore's beauty industry, they were raved all over by Beauty Gurus on YouTube. After they came into Singapore, their store's strong scent deterred me from stepping in (hahahaha i know right, but it gave me a headache, not even exaggerating). For some odd reason, I decided to step into the store a month back. I took a whiff of their Ocean Salt scrub and woaaaaah, I was sold.

Okay, not really. I was like, "something that smells so good, should be good right?!" I went home, did a little research, watched a couple a YouTube reviews and got myself a little tub on Ocean Salt scrub and Jumping Juniper shampoo bar.

The Ocean Salt Scrub (SGD25.50) may be a little expensive for this little tub but a little scrub goes a long way, besides you shouldn't be scrubbing on a daily basis! Made with lime, salt and avocado butter, this smells like Margarita! Absolutely love this scrub. The salt grains are a bit rough so be really gentle. 

Moving on to the Jumping Juniper shampoo bar (SGD21)- wait, what? What shampoo bar? How on earth do I use a shampoo bar?! A shampoo bar is easier than I thought - simply wet your hair and the bar, then just brush it a couple of times on your hair. Go scrubby scrub! I was surprised by how much this can lather up! 

I recently asked a friend to help me get a couple of stuff from the UK because it's much, much cheaper there (about half the price), so if you know people travelling there, do get them to grab a couple of stuff for you.

Got another Jumping Juniper shampoo bar and here's the exciting part - new stuff! Another shampoo bar because I really enjoyed the Jumping Juniper one. This time, it's Seanik. It contains seaweed, sea salt and lemon to give great shine and give the hair some oomph. I haven't tried it yet so hope it works!

Decided to try out a bar cleanser - Fresh Farmacy - because they had good relatively good reviews. It doesn't lather up, which is how i like it to be but it left my skin a little dry but it definitely feels clean. Nothing a little moisturizer can't solve though.

Also got another cleanser called Dark Angels, probably one of the more popular ones. It leaves my skin clean but not as drying as the bar soap as it contains avocado oil. Think i'm going to love this one. Loooove a good exfoliation.

Almost everyone raves about their fresh face mask, so after a recommendation from the store assistant, I got the Cupcake mask (SGD26.50) which is pretty much one of my worst beauty purchase ever. Costing $21 for a tiny tub and it smells sooo terrible. Yes, like its name suggests - the mask smells like a chocolate cupcake with essential oils. I couldn't stand the smell and it makes me giddy. To be fair, it leaves my skin feeling pretty nice without drying it out. But the scent, UGH.

Best part, I got the 4 items (minus Ocean Salt and Cupcake) for about SGD50, about 40% cheaper than buying in Singapore! Shampoo bars were about SGD12.50 each (UP $21), Fresh Farmacy cleanser bar was about SGD10.50 (UP $18) and Dark Angels at SGD14.50 (UP $25). (The auntie in me loves a good buy)

Till next time.

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