Durian Fiesta 2015 at Goodwood Park Hotel


Started off the month of May with a couple of my best friends and durians!!!!! (On a side note, is durian not a word in the dictionary? It's being underlined with a red squiggly line.) If you know my love for durians, you'd know that I'm soooo glad that the durian season is back once again! 

Noel, Tiffany and I dropped by Goodwood Park Hotel for tea time! Feasted on Durian Strudel, Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake and Durian Mousse Cake - I actually can't decide which is my favourite, i love them all!

Noel and I ordered the Durian Strudel before the others arrived. In between the crunchy strudel layers lies the decadent creamy durian puree goodness. Noel's face literally went :O

Best part was - it didn't left us feeling gelat so we could have more of 'em durians!!

The Durian Mousse Cake is slight lighter than our previous cake. The creamy durian mousse was accompanied with soft sponge layers and topped off with sponge cubes, allowing a good mix of texture.

The Durian Rainbow Ice Cream Cake is probably one of the top hits, almost every other table were having this. Frozen D24 ice cream layered with a rainbow bread on top, what's not to love right?!

There's going to be a durian desserts buffet from 30 May to 2 Aug 2015 (at $35.80++ per pax), can't wait to go back again!!


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