Suit up


I wish the weather in Singapore allows me to suit up more often; i'd buy matching suits in all colours! I also wish I have more occasions to wear them. Wore this to my graduation last Thursday and yes, omg i know!!!!!!!!! I have finally graduated after months and months of complains and countdowns. 

I'd like to point out that I have graduated with distinction okay hahahaha! I'm not trying to show off but all my life, I haven't been doing well academically (always mediocre) so this is something i'm proud of. Guess a distinction means i'm slightly better than average? You know, ending off my academic life on a high note.

Blazer and Top: H&M | Pants: Runway Bandits | Shoes: New Look


 To Aly and Su, my fellow comrades since Poly days. Thanks for sticking by me and you know I don't tell you this because i'm not into all that kind of *~mushy~* stuff hahhaa but you guys made this so much easier.

(Hhaha that's Patrick and my lecturer, Felix photobombing us)

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