Was invited to an event last weekend so that calls for some dressing up! I hate wearing those mini bandage skirt that rides up ALLLL THE TIME. But i couldn't find a white bottom to pair this peplum top with so meh, had to go with this one.

I don't usually wear/ buy printed clothing because they are much more memorable than plain ones so I can't wear them again soon without people going like, "Eh, you wore this day to the where right!" HHAHA but i really like this one, it reminds me of the night sky and city lights hahahah. And fancy china prints on plates. Furthermore, it's in my favourite high neck cut and fitted peplum waist detailing. Love that it's made with neoprene so the structured peplum insert stays in place. Ah, what's there not to love?

That bag! It's one of my current favourites now. I've always love the shape and look of bucket bags - love how it's sooo roomy so i can dump whatever I want in and it comes with a little pouch so you can keep smaller items in it without it getting lost in the dark abyss ahhahah.

Best part of the bag? It comes with this wooden block and tassel details. Bringing your outfit up a few notches with those little details! Yes, yes I'm aware that this is a piece that is so similar to the Building Block's one but that one is like 400 bucks, not to mention - sold out?! This one I got from Asymmtrcl is only 50!!! Less than a fraction of the price wahhahaha.

Love a good deal.


Shoes: New Look
Bag: Asymmtrcl

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