DIY / Minimalist Cardholder


I have been thinking of making clutches and card holders using leather for a while but have no idea how i should go about doing it. Drew and I decided to sign up for a leather craft class. 

We started off with making the template then cutting the leather according to it. THE CUTTING TOOK FOREVER BY THE WAY. Because the leather is thick, it took me so much effort to cut. Yeah, i gave up halfway and Drew finish up the rest for me hahaha. 

We then glued and stitch the leather pieces together and ta daaaaa there we have it! We struggled a bit with the stitching so half of my stitching was all messy hahaha but once we got the hang of it, it's pretty easy.


So here is the end product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA SO PROUD OF MYSELF HHAHAHA 

Really can't wait to make more stuff - leather bracelets maybe?

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