Facial for your scalp // ft. 99 Percent Hair Studio



Hello my friends, I know I haven't updated in a long while! You know just busy.. With nothing. Hhahahha :D I hope you guys are well AND HAVE Y'ALL VOTED FOR ME FOR SBA '14!? NO??? Well, it's okay hehe.

I dropped by 99 Percent Hair Studio on Tuesday to get a trim and a scalp treatment. What? Who is 99 Percent Hair Studio? And what is a scalp treatment, is it like a regular treatment?

99 Percent Hair Studio is located at Haji Lane (they also have another outlet at Katong). I was wondering why 99 Percent and that is because they claimed that their creations will only be 99% perfect to them because there will always be room for improvements. I like how they use organic products that are not only good for your hair but also, good for the environment! Really, we could do away with all that chemicals.

Shan, my stylist mentioned that girls always tend to go for what is aesthetically good and because of that, most of them don't take care of their scalp. They always go for hair treatments, serums and masks that treat the end of the hair but often forget about the scalp because it can't be seen by other people. More often than not, the scalp is what affects the growth of the hair. So if you want healthy, beautiful hair, you gotta start by taking care of your scalp!

Started the treatment by doing a scalp analysis using a fancyyyy scanning machine. Shan mentioned that I have oily and sensitive scalp (I will show you the photos later, it's damn gross omg) and the scalp treatment will be like a scrub facial for my scalp, it will scrub away all the dead skin, flakes and whatnot.


By sectioning the hair, Shan was able to apply the exfoliating scrub to my scalp. The gel contains bit of pearwood that helps with the scrubbing. So off she goes with the *scrubbity scrub dub*. After about 10 minutes or so, my scalp starting to hurt a bit and Shan said it was because my scalp is quite sensitive and she also said that when she apply the antiseptic spray afterwards, it would probably sting a bit now that the dead skin that acts as a "protective layer" is gone. But hey, NO PAIN NO GAIN RIGHT HAHAHA. I think girls understand that concept the best. Look at how we stomp around in heels but actually, most of them heels hurt our feet like crazy. Anyway, the sting didn't last for long, it was gone after the treatment so no worries!

After all the scrubbing, all the pearwood along with flakes and whatever stuff that was clogging up my hair pores fell onto the towel on my shoulders. MEGA GROSS didn't take a photo, too gross.

Shan did another scan for my scalp to show me the improvements and wow, the flakes have reduced significantly and the pores cleared up! I like how this treatment shows me immediate results unlike how some facials - i'll be like "huh got difference meh" and the saleslady will all be like "ya see your pores smaller here etcetc" but THIS, wow. So here are the photos for before and after, be warned, they are really gross hahahah: click.

RIGHT?! Right?! Hahhahaha so gross daaaamn. But so effective right!!! Of course, they are not 100% gone - like facial scrubs, we all I need the scrub once in a while to maintain it. But now, it's cleaaaan yippee!!!

Thank you 99 Percent/ Shan for having me. Go try out this scalp treatment today!

40 Haji Lane
Singapore 189233

Opening hours:
Mon - Sat: 11:00 - 20:30
Sun: 11:00 - 19:30

/edit, I realised I have been typing 99 Percent as 99 Perfect for the whole time hahahaha and also realised we don't usually type out the word 'percent'.

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