Bangkok 2014 / Talad Rod Fai night market


Third time in Bangkok and i discovered this hidden gem while planning the itinerary. 

22km from Siam and a bumpy cab ride later, we arrived at the Talad Rod Fai night market. It was pretty early when we got there and we weren't expecting much but as the sun sets, more stalls started setting up and we were greeted by rows and rows of vintage stores selling everything imaginable - from old oil tins to old coca cola vending machines. There were barely any tourists around, almost everyone was local so most signs were in Thai. We had trouble ordering food at a street stall during dinnertime hahaha but we just went for it and our noodle soup turned out pretty good, i must say. 

My favourite part of the night market was how stall owners just sell their goods or set up a bar right from their vintage Volkswagens (!!) How awesome is that!?!!! 

Other than the vintage stores, you'd find regular tents selling clothes and accessories - those that you can find at Chatuchak and/ or other markets but at approximately half the price!!!! 

Snagged a really sweet pair of vintage high waist flare pants. It wasn't exactly cheap for a night market (usually clothes are about 200 baht) but 450 baht (SGD18) for such good quality. JUST TAKE MY MONEY. Oh gosh can't wait to wear it!!!! 

If you're in Bangkok with no plans for the evening, you'd be crazy not to come here. Don't let your friends convince you that it's way too far or it's boring, it's gonna be worth the trip. 


other Bangkok visuals

First place we dined at was Roast. I personally thought it was kindaaaa overrated. When we got there, only the brunch menu was available and of course they are famous for their eggs benedict and if you know me - i don't eat eggs ben. I like runny yolks but no, no eggs ben. I got myself Cassoulet (pictured below) which was SOOOO DISAPPOINTING. I I was expecting something on the soupy side, the menu stated "stew with bacon, duck confit, garlic & sausage" but all I got was this thick, lumpy mash. Left it unfinished (AND OMG, when they cleared the plates and brought it back to the kitchen, Drew said he saw the staff ate my leftovers..... Not quite sure how to feel about that.) 

Ordered Apple Strudel with Salted Caramel Ice Cream for dessert and it was disappointing as well. Both of us were expecting Ritz Apple Strudel texture and taste, but it turned out to the too mushy and slightly bitter(?). The pastry wasn't crispy at all. This time, we finished it hahhaa. Also noticed that a couple of tables left their desserts unfinished, guess their desserts ain't so good.

However, Drew love what he ordered - Truffle Alfredo. It had crispy smoked bacon and cheese, and he love anything cheesy with meat hahaha. Apparently, he claimed it was the best meal he had for the whole trip.

Popped by Audrey Cafe and Bistro which just a street away for dessert round 2! Wanted to try the Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake and Milo Crepe Cake but we were too full for 2 cakes so settled for the Milo one instead. They have another branch at Siam but I wanted to point out that the decor for the Thonglor branch is so much better as they have a much bigger space here. It was also practically empty - just us and another two ladies. Perfect for an afternoon away from the hustle and bustle. 


And while you're at Thonglor, drop by the After You located right opposite Roast instead of the one at Siam. We walked past Thonglor's After You and noticed that it was much quieter with no queue so you could lounge around and chat chat while munching on french toast but Siam's branch (which we patronised the next day) was sooo crowded and we had to get a queue number. Felt like we had to hurry finish up our Shibuya Honey Toast and leave. 

Presenting the absolutely tasty coconut ice cream. Such a life-saver when you're walking around in Chatuchak under the hot HOT HOT SUN. Gosh, have i mentioned how it's way hotter than Singapore?


There was also a place across from Chatuchak that sold vintage wares, gosh wish i got myself these pretty teacups and plates now. 


Greyhound Cafe (Siam Centre) was good. Got myself sliders and one of them had gruyere cheese and strawberries, tasted surprisingly good! Salty and tangy all at the same time. Drew's crab pasta in prawn bisque was sooooo good.

The group that opened Greyhound Cafe also has another restaurant called Another Hound Cafe (Siam Paragon). And gosh, i would like to have some of that salmon spring rolls right now. And those chicken wings, yummmmmmmm. 

I don't know how food bloggers to do this. How can they blog about food all day long and not be like ".... i'm hungry again". You know what? I'm gonna cook myself some food right after this, even though it's like 3 in the morning. 

We were so lucky to be back in Singapore just a day before the Martial Law was implemented. Heard it was getting violent but we saw nothing at all when we were there. Thank God. 

Oh oh, next time before you fly, remember to check out the Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2. It's not much but they are so pretty HAHAHAH.

Till next time.

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